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Pretty pretty

26 Jan

I know it was weird that my last posts weren’t entirely about shoes, now this one is a “classic” post about shoes again.

To start with – it’s still winter after all – I’ve got a chic pair of boots for you:

Even though it’s price has been reduced, it costs still over $1100! I love the details though!

Now an oldie but cutie from October 2009:

Do you like it? Beware though, the heel is a stunning 18 cm high and the platform is 7 cm. Price around $850.

Now, news from France brought to you by the never-aging diva:

I’m throwin on my Louboutins,

I’m throwin on my Louboutins…

But that’s not all: the former WWE star managed to put an even more marvelous outfit together:

This pair could be the shoe world’s true beauty.

To finish this post, I recommend you this clip:

/It makes make want to go back to the UK asap…

Zee Germans

13 Aug

After a couple of days of absence [there’s so much work and travelling to do these days :S ] I’m back again to make a mega-post again, with a subject that will surprise many of you.

Mainly, because I bet you don’t know the people you’ll see in a few moments 🙂 Since I live in Europe, the German influence is massive in many parts of our everyday life. However, in the case of the shoes, shoe design, it’s a bit different.

It looks like the most famous ladies in the country that gave us Karl Lagerfeld, Jil Sander, Hugo Boss and Escada wouldn’t care that much about high-fashion, especially not about shoes, unlike their colleagues do in France, Britain or even in Italy. Of course, you can see some well-known pair every now and then, but I wonder what the reason behind this phenomenon is.

credit for the drawing to http://storms.typepad.com/booklust/

Now I’m going to show you a lot of German – even if some names don’t sound sooo German – ladies: TV hosts, singers, actresses, models, athletes, society chicks (aka useless people), bands.

I’m really interested in your opinions! How do you like what you see? Did you know any of them?

To see the examples yourself, click on the link below.

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