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Insane heights

9 Feb

Welcome to a new shoe-post! It’s been a while and I’ve got a lot of heels to show you!

Apparently it’s still winter at certain regions of the world and ladies need boots. Burberry’s ankle boots were a tiny bit over-hyped after the presentation last year – they look good, many fashionistas want them but only a few ladies can actually afford and wear them. The season is far from over, this pair might get more popular eventually.

And some more pictures from Hilary Duff as she shopped in Paris:

It’s been quiet around Casadei lately, luckily Sofia Vergara decided to wear a classic and Anne Hathaway wore a pair from the brand’s new collection.

Here’s Anne Hathaway in a summer-ish outfit:

I started to wonder whether it’s possible to create a post without mentioning Christian Louboutin or not. I guess it’s not – is that a problem? 😀

Call me cheap/mainstream/male but I like Kim’s whole look:

The shoe of the Spring/Summer 2011 collection has a 15 cm heel (6 inches!) and a pair costs $1.665. They say: “Sky-high and surprisingly comfortable, dance until sunrise in these 6″ stunners. And snag your size while you can ladies; our online boutique is the only place where you can find these in hot pink!” Well, it’s already sold out in four sizes!

Jennifer Lopez wore a lovely pair at a Gillette event; it is called Boulima and it’s like the Maggie with an ankle strap.

It makes you even taller than the one worn by Kim Kardashian since it has 16 cm heels (6.3 inches). A pair would cost you $1.125 and it’s Boutique Exclusive as well – and almost totally sold out!

The last pair by Louboutin in this post is the “Titi” which you might have seen here already, now Emily Blunt wore it in a neutral color:

It’s designed with 12 cm (4.7″) heels and the price is around $700.

To have a rather special pair as the last picture of the post, I’ve chosen these ankle boots by Alexander McQueen, worn here by Tamara Ecclestone:

This pair is a piece of art, isn’t it?

That’s it for now, expect a new post to appear on Friday!

Pretty pretty

26 Jan

I know it was weird that my last posts weren’t entirely about shoes, now this one is a “classic” post about shoes again.

To start with – it’s still winter after all – I’ve got a chic pair of boots for you:

Even though it’s price has been reduced, it costs still over $1100! I love the details though!

Now an oldie but cutie from October 2009:

Do you like it? Beware though, the heel is a stunning 18 cm high and the platform is 7 cm. Price around $850.

Now, news from France brought to you by the never-aging diva:

I’m throwin on my Louboutins,

I’m throwin on my Louboutins…

But that’s not all: the former WWE star managed to put an even more marvelous outfit together:

This pair could be the shoe world’s true beauty.

To finish this post, I recommend you this clip:

/It makes make want to go back to the UK asap…