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From Aldo to Zanotti

4 Aug

In today’s post, there are shoes for everyone: pumps, sandals, wedges. This summer it looks like wedges are really popular (that’s my impression on the streets), and actually I am happy about it! For this reason, let’s start with one of them.

It’s called Affina and it’s made by Aldo, which means you don’t have to sell an organ in order to buy a pair: you can get yours for $90 or even less! It’s 4 inches high, comes in dark brown and beige:

Apart from the shoes, I like the whole look of Jessica Lowndes this time.

Moving on, here’s another pocket-friendly shoe, worn here by Tila Tequila:

This one by Chinese Laundry comes only in black and white colors, and its price is around $120.

Transition in prices might not be flawless as we skip everything and land at Christian Louboutin. The Pigalili pumps that Brooklyn Decker wore at the ESPY Awards in July is a real beauty, I love the details!

The heel is 12 cm/5 inches high, and it costs a whopping $3.545!

Up next, two pairs by Salvatore Ferragamo. These pumps are real classics by now: simple design, solid materials, classy look. What else do you need?

Spanish actress Paz Vega:

The lovely Jayma Mays:

Now you’ve reached the end of the post with “only” shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti left. God, these wedges, I’m in love!

Vanessa Hudgens:

Kim Kardashian:

Looks like vertically challenged ladies love extremely high wedges!

Which one do you like to most? Are there any that you wouldn’t wear even if they were for free?


7 Oct

Sooo, finally, a new post that is all about shoes again!

In this post I feature a few heels that I should have posted long ago – I hope these pictures might be still new for some of you.

The first one today is Mena Suvari whose taste in shoes seems to be wide:

Celebrities make sure I always have Christian Louboutin shoes to post. This time, it’s three beautiful pairs:

14 cm heel, 3 cm platform and Swarovski crystals. Who needs more than that?

Cheryl Cole went for a less glitzy, but in a certain way, more exotic shoes:

14 cm heels as well, costs around $1200…

Not that long ago, several ladies thought they should buy the Madame Butterfly pumps – even in the “Pony Leopard” aka “meow edition” ๐Ÿ™‚

15 cm heel, 3 cm platform – this is also a way to get high ๐Ÿ™‚

The last one for this post is a fab pair owned by a not-so-glamorous bitch lady:

13 cm heel, 3 cm platform, price usually around $680 but you can get your pair at theoutnet for $270 if your feet is the right size ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s all for now, thanks for reading, bye!

Boots of the summer

25 Aug

In case you’re not living in South Africa like Jasna, the months June, July and August aren’t usually considered as the time for boots (my apologies to other readers not mentioned living in the Southern Hemisphere and to those in Siberia).

However, celebrities lead the way in basically everything, especially in fashion, so it shouldn’t be shocking to see them wearing boots in 90F. Or…should it? I let you decide, here’s a compilation of famous and not-that-famous ladies wearing boots in the middle of summer.

I wonder what’s your opinion about this topic.

Is this question strictly related to the outside temperatures or is it okay to wear boots whenever you want to (let’s just forget about Uggs for a moment, okay?!)?

For me, I’d be quite definitely surprised to see someone wearing boots in August, but I live in a developing country regarding fashion.

Help me ID these shoes!

9 May

Hello my dear Readers,

now it’s your turn again to ID some shoes ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you know the answers!

I hope you had a great weekend just like I did!

Any guesses?