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The big YSL update

20 Dec

There are some awesome shoes by YSL that I have mentioned earlier, like the Tribute Platform T-Strap, the Tribute Double Platform or the Studded Platform sandal. During the last two months, a lot of celebrities bought and showed their amazing pairs, which means I have to show them to you:)

Here we go, with the “old” one, the Tribute Patent pump. It’s weird that they wear them again: Amber wore it in August, Danni in November, Kristin and Nicky in December. This has not been mentioned here before, because it wasn’t that new. You could call it Renaissance.

Seeing it’s huge success, the designers came up with the Tribute Platform T-Strap, as mentioned and presented here. The news is, Delta put them on in November, Olivia and Hana in December. Better late than never!

The next big hit was and still is, the Tribute Double Platform, mentioned here. Seeing how much Kate Beckinsale loves YSL, she could be their official promoter.

I thought about putting the new pictures of Kim Kardashian into this collage, but there were so many good ones I had to make one for Kim only. Call me a Kim-fan, I don’t care:)

I don’t know why the  Studded Platform sandal came out in winter, anyway, here are some of the proud new owners:

Last but not at least, YSL’s newest creation, the Ankle Strap platform pump:

It looks like YSL would be the only strong competitor agains Christian Louboutin, who simply owns the celebrity shoe market.

Kate <3 YSL

27 Nov

Looks like Kate Beckinsale is a big fan of YSL. I’ve seen many pictures of her wearing the Tribute Double Platforms lately, and now she introduces something new: the Studded Platform Sandal.

Actually, I don’t see to much difference between this and the Tribute Platform. It is a bit simpler than  the old one, but it has basically the same style, at least as I see. I’m not sure if it is going to have such a huge success like the TP, but who knows:)

You can get it now for 795$, but it’s winter out there…