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It’s magic everywhere

25 Feb

In this post I have four amazing pairs to show you.

I’m sure there is a place in your heart for them.

Very girlish-pinkish (my mistake: fuchsia) -happish-springish shoes, don’t you agree? [I’m deeply sorry, my native English speaker Readers 🙂 ]

Louboutin’s new collection has fantastic pieces, here’s the next one:

What is not to love there?

Let’s make our way back to the real classics…

Silver Manolos, peep toe design – looks like the bootie for this spring.

Last but not least, the real magic.

I admit I wasn’t able to focus strictly on the shoes; the whole outfit, appearance is breathtaking in my opinion:

/Oh Gosh, that dress, right?/

This is it for now, let’s see what’s going on in Milan at the Fashion Week!