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The Kirkwood variation

26 Jun

It’s chemistry, but in a different aspect. It’s basically the chemistry inside the team, which is made of the dress and the shoes (okay, plus the bag/clutch/whatever). Check out these “teams” and I’m sure you’ll agree with me: since there are a lot different Kirkwood-sandals for all you ladies to choose from, owners can be sure that their pair will perfectly match their dress(es).

Sienna looks great with that shiny pair, while Kirsten also found the right pair to match her Rodarte dress.


A few days ago I have been honoured again by Janetteria, who passed this award to me:

I’d like to thank her again. I know I should pass it on to a few of you, but I know so many awesome blogs by now, that I’d like to pass it on to all the blogs I visit, because you deserve it! There’s only one thing I ask for: keep on entertaining me ๐Ÿ™‚


Bye-bye boots!

2 Apr

Even though I like boots, it’s time to say goodbye to them and put them back in their boxes.

Let’s take a look what back at what kind of boots were worn by the rich and famous:


(I know it’s Carine and not Caroline, I’m deeply sorry, ย I’m going to correct it, but I don’t have much time these days.)




By clicking on the images you get the images with a high resolution, so you can see all the details!

Are there any boots that you like in particular?