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Mainstream fashion?

1 Jul

It is officially Summer by since a few weeks, we should see shoes made for the summer, right?

Let’s start with maybe the biggest hit this year, Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Spanish TV-presenter Sara Carbonero wore this outfit back in February (I forgot to post her, my bad). The question is now: who does actually wear this collection in the Summer? Lot of ladies used to wear Gucci in the Spring, does nobody wear it now?

Carmen Electra knows she can’t go wrong with platform slingbacks by Christian Louboutin:

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has chosen a marvelous pair by Jimmy Choo:

Cameron Diaz wore new Sergio Rossi heels recently:

Versace‘s killer heels suit the style of Nicki Minaj perfectly:

This is what a magazine in Austria told readers to wear this summer:

Last but not least an ad. It’s Kim Kardashian & Shoedazzle:

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!

Fun in the shoe shop

16 May

I’ve waited so long to do this post and today, by not doing the “Please don’t” post (the famous ladies behaved quite well during the last few weeks), I have the opportunity to post the pictures.

To start with, there was the Navyboot Store Opening in Berlin last November. German stars and Daryl Hannah appeared:

Daryl Hannah, part 1:

Daryl Hannah, part 2:

Then, Kim Kardashian’s Shoedazzle.com celebrated it’s first birthday in March:

A so-called shopping night in Germany:

At last, (with the help of Kristin) Audrina did what she apparently loves to do:

I hope you all had a great weekend, see you soon!

Those shoe stores…

9 Feb

Last week, two major shoe brands had (opening) parties in their stores at two different spots of the world. I might have had the opportunity the attend one of them, but my response time wasn’t good enough (I was late with my entry), as usual 🙂

Nevertheless, there are pictures of these events, now we all can crave, whatever our reasons are 🙂

The first one took place in LA. Shoedazzle is an interesting project, you might want to take a look at it.

You can hate/love Kim, you can  mute the TV if she’s on (sometimes I do, actually), but you have to admit (I do, actually) she knows a thing or two about style and shoes!

The other event was held in Berlin, Germany, where Christian Louboutin had a cocktail party. It was weird to see that many of the attending guest didn’t even wore his shoes. Well, it’s those Germans, you know 😉 Anyway, I hope he would get more attention in that country after events like this.

The poll “Shoe designer of 2009” has closed a week ago, and I have the results…

Surprisingly, Alexander McQueen came 3rd – I really like his work, but I never thought he would get so many votes from you.

Not that surprisingly, Yves Saint Laurent finished 2nd – I guess their work lately has really paid off, the Tribute double platform pump was the IT shoe last year.


Now, the winner of this poll might not surprise you – he had 31% of the votes. To do it Top Gear-style:

Some say, that even his own soles are red…and that all items in his household have the shape of a shoe!

All we know is, he’s called Christian Louboutin!

Heaven on earth

24 Nov

I guess we all have seen pictures of Kim Kardashian already. I’d say she’s simply hot (I’m seroious: she was Nr. 1 on my Top100 list back in 2007), plus she has a great sense for shoes (maybe you remember the pictures that were taken while she’s been shopping at a Louboutin store). People who like to suffer watch her show on TV, people who want to destroy some of their braincells or commit suicide watch it without muting it. Anyway, as long as she is on a picture, I’d say it’s okay.

Having all that in mind, just take a look at the scenery (click):

Ain’t it amazing?