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Model Monday – Anja Rubik

4 Oct

Usually, I post editorials in Model Monday. However, in the case of Anja it would have been much more difficult, since her photo shoots usually involve uncovered breasts and so on.

Since editorials might not give a good picture of Anja’s talent, I’ve decided to show you pictures of her recent works – catwalks from Paris (all the shows she’s been featured so far, but she may be booked for a few more shows in the coming days) and only the very best from Milan and New York.

You can get all the pictures in much higher resolution – the download link is at the end of the post.

Without further ado, ANJA RUBIK!

Paris Fashion Week


(Btw, Balmain is cool but seeing basically the same every season starts to get boring. Also, in some’s opinion “Balmain is the toothy blowjob of high fashion.” Hmmm.)

This is the look which made me want to dedicate a post to her.

Christian Dior:

Isabel Marant:

Jean Paul Gaultier:


Stella McCartney:

Milan Fashion Week


"Karl thinks he's the boss but he's so wrong..."

New York Fashion Week

Derek Lam:

"Just wtf is Karlie talking about?"

Chanel Store Re-opening:

Download all the HQ pictures, source: mostly fashionspot.

This week I’ll be back to normal and continue with shoes – I had a crazy week.

New York Fashion Week – we all attended!

17 Sep

New York Fashion Week is over, London Fashion Week has already started.

Let’s take a look at famous ladies who attended various shows in the Big Apple.

(The Romantics After Party is not strictly FW related)

(Sorry NickY)

Which show did you enjoy the most?

The next post show appear on Sunday, but this weekend will be crazy for, I’m not sure if I’ll have the time to post. Until then, goodbye! 🙂

Shoes, MTV VMA 2010, Betsey Johnson NYFW

15 Sep

Sooo…fashion week is all over the place, and with many other things to do as well, I have little time to post and visit your inspiring blogs. Sorry for that, I’ll change that soon.

Okay, let’s begin with the simple shoe-spotting. I think that this time, the shoes match the image of their respective owners.

Slightly extreme heels for a rather extreme lady.

Sexy yet somewhat elegant – both the shoe and Carmen.

Way over average, right?

Doesn’t look special but it surely is – Katie and her Stuart Weitzman nude stiletto.

Two collages of styles seen at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards:

Any opinions about the outfits?

As the last part of this post, I just can’t avoid posting something Fashion Week-related. Here are a few pictures of the funniest, hottest, most spectacular show so far. Who else would be behind all this than Betsey Johnson?!

Part 1:

Part 2:

I hope to post again on Friday, there is certainly a lot to talk about!

Model Monday – New York Fashion Week special

13 Sep

This time it’s not an editorial from a magazine, but some screencaps of four shows at the New York Fashion. It’s nice to see them at work on the runway every now and then, isn’t it?

Prabal Gurung, Spring/Summer 2011

Shoes by the excellent Nicholas Kirkwood

Carolina Herrera, Spring/Summer 2011

Carlos Miele, Spring/Summer 2011

Donna Karan New York, Spring/Summer 2011

That’s all for this edition, there might be similar posts like this in the future.

We all love fashion weeks, right?