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Please don’t…again!

21 Mar

Since Monday I’ve been MIA, I know, but times are pretty tough for me until the end of March.

However, that doesn’t keep me from posting the new issue of my so called “Please don’t…” magazine. Especially with so many – minor or major – mistakes taking place, they keep me employed!

Let’s start with the smaller ones – I’m sure there is a way to avoid freezing that is much more elegant than what these German ladies did:

Don’t you just love the idea of arriving in Uggs (or in something similar to that) with your evening sandals in your hands and than transform to  the Queen of the Night? In case you don’t, there’s also another trick that might work:

Seriously… 🙂

Now it’s time to move on to the major errors. I don’t think there’s too much talk needed:

Finally, there’s also something that might be considered as a mistake (because you don’t want this to happen to you), but just like Nadine did, you can overcome the rather awkward situation by smiling, smiling and smiling:

/BTW, she looks good, don’t you think?/

That’s all from me now, but remember, Model Monday will be posted tomorrow!

Have a great weekend!