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Boots from France

12 Nov

Today I’ve got some pictures of knee-high and over the knee boots for you – the special thing about them is that they are made by the probably most established brand.

There are quite a lot of new boots by Mr Louboutin this year, for more check the online stores!

Don’t forget the red soles!

28 Aug

Even though they still rule the world of the red carpet, I haven’t mentioned them lately. You might know some of these already, but I just can’t ignore the fact that

r e d   s o l e s   r o c k!

To start with a new pair, I’ve come up with this:

Walking in these boots you’ll realize you’re not that much above the ground (0,5″ platform/5″ heels), it also seems to be comfy; this boot is made for everyday use with urban outfits. You can get a pair for $855. I still wonder however, why this boot boomed in August…

You might know the Alti boots, but the Paola is a new, very sofisticated pair:

The new Paola boots have 4″ high heels and they cost a more than twice as much as the Piros: $1795. It is unique though!

The Pigalle pumps are one of the most successful shoes of the brand, so the CL crew has come up with different colors.

The facts are the usual: no platform, 5 inch heels, while the simple black pair costs $565.

That’s not all. Gwen has the snakeskin edition of it!

Jennifer “Debra” Carpenter picked a classic pair for this event, the Passmule wedges. I’d say they are beautiful (they also come in other colors, like pink, orange, etc.)! I’m sure Michael C. Hall aka Dexter (hey buddy!) agrees with me on that:)

Lo’s Hyper Prive seems to be the satin edition, the heights are 1″/5″, and it costs $835.

Now c’mon CL haters, tear me apart 🙂

Monsieur L, part 1

13 May

After such a long time, it’s time to dedicate a post to Mr Louboutin again. Well, it’s going to be two posts, since I have so many new photos (or at least unposted pictures), that it’s better to have them posted in two. Today, the first part contains some already known types and also some pretty new ones.

Let’s begin with the known one, the 123 or Differa, if you will. You might remember them from this post.

Once again, it’s like a weapon: 14 cm heel, costs around $1495… wear it and your officially a pro:)

Let’s move on and check out something new. First, here is Xtina and Ashley Tisdale, wearing almost the same shoes…yepp, just almost, because Christina’s is something really special. The shoes that Heidi has been wearing are mentioned here.

Ashley’s Mary-Janes have a 4.5 inch (12 cm) heel and a 1 inch platform, and you can get them for a price between $945 and $995.

The last collage for today shows you some of the new works of the Master.

I’m not sure about Leighton’s shoes (12 cm, $1850), because I don’t really like that look, as I already told that to some of you in different blogs. But I do like Ciara’s boots pretty much, they totally match the usually extravagant style of her.

Don’t forget to check back today again, part 2 will be posted in a few hours!