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Uniqueness vs. popularity: platforms

6 Jul

There haven’t been too many shoes by Roberto Cavalli on my blog, which makes this pair pretty unique:

15 cm heels,  4 cm platforms, € 745 (ca. $930) – definitely a nice design!

I’m a big fan of Charlotte Olympia‘s work, despite we can’t spot her shoes too often.

15,5 cm heels, 3,5 cm platforms, € 670(ca. $840) – it isn’t cheap either.

Talk about expensive and really high shoes; here’s Fendi‘s trademark pair of this summer:

Now it’s time for the über-popular shoes by Sergio Rossi. I’ve written about it here already, but now I had to feature these pairs in my post again since they have flooded the streets (or at least the red carpets):

I hope to be able to post on Thursday again, you might want to drop by 🙂

Bye-bye boots, part 1

20 May

During the following weeks, I’m going to have a few posts dedicated to boots, in which I show many kinds of boots that have been worn this winter/spring. To kick off this series, in this post – mostly unidentified – boots worn back in January this year are on display.

What kind of boots did you wear? Anything close to these?

I have to say I’m not a big fan of the pink pair, but I do like the rest:

(How about Collien’s shirt? Cool right?)

Looking at this collage, you might think again “Okay, I’ve never heard of her!” 🙂

(Even Kanye West knows about Ms Debreczeni…)

Badass girls do it like Fiona and especially Kat von D:

You really thought Kim would be axed from a post?

If you didn’t know how to wear red boots…

(…you won’t see a good example here either, but basically I like the colors)

Sometimes Miley can mess up big time!

The last collage, with Malin showing how it’s done:

Too So many Germans, I know, I know – I just can’t ignore them!

A retrospection can’t be always inspirational, but I hope it confirms that you’ve made the right decision when you’ve bought new boots this winter. You did, right? 🙂

Face it: 2009 is almost over

29 Dec

For this reason, just like last year, I’ve selected a “few” stunning, quality pictures which focus on faces.

If you can’t wait to see all the sheer beauties, click on the link below!

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Highs and lows

2 Dec

In this post I’m presenting you two high-end pairs and two pairs with more reasonable, affordable prices. Let’s start with the more expensive ones.

These pictures have been taken back in October, but I didn’t had any time to post them so far – the time has come to feature them on my blog:

This pair has a 3,5″ heel and a 0,5″ platform and costs around $1080.

The other high-end designer product is the following pair:

It has 4″ heels and prices may vary from $800 to $1100. These sandals could be perfect for next spring/summer!

Please take a look a look at the low-price pairs. Both are by ALDO, and even though you can’t label them as extremely spectacular, they are still trendy and chick – please choose these over fake designer shoes!

The Fawson is available in three colors (gray, black and taupe) and costs $90, while the Segura has a wider range of colors (purple, gray, taupe, medium blue, med. silver, black satin, black suede and black patent) and costs $80-90.

Tell me if you like them 😉