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Popular and spectacular

14 Dec

Brian Atwood created one of the most well known shoes of 2010 and his brand is popular more than ever. This post starts with an update on his shoes:

The next one is Nicholas Kirkwood and his timeless creations:

You wear Kirkwood at the British Fashion Awards, right?

Kim wore Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte heels.

The last big brand of this post is Louis Vuitton:

I hope you found at least one pair that goes right into your Christmas wish list!

Winter IS here

28 Nov

There are these six girls living in various big cities of the world, all of them are aware of the fact that winter is approaching. The High Heel Times has asked them to show their three favorite shoes: the one that they would wear at work, the one that they would pull on if they’d go to a party and their boots for the colder days.

Whitney‘s selection surely has been influenced by a certain socialite’s look and she loves to wear the flat OTK boots when shopping.

Imogen in LA is neither afraid of winter nor of spending a lot of money. She also likes to keep it high and I can’t blame her.

Nicole is like the perfect British girl: trendy when at work, wears sky-high heels when she goes to a party and keeps it comfy and casual in her free time.

Thรฉrรฉse is classy. She wears elegant pumps to work, crazy mohawk pumps at du club and designer boots that are totally in right now.

Elisabetta living “next door” likes to look fab as well. The hot pair by Valentino grabbed her attention as well, but she prefers the flat one for work. Her heels for the night out are spectacular, just like her fluffy boots.

Rumiko mixes it all: lace up ankle boots for work, wild boots (?) for parties and statement boots for colder days.

How do you like what you see? What do you like these days?

Simply the best

8 Jul

I’ve been a bit behind but I feel like I’m doing quite well on catching up lately ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s start with a very recent event. As you know, in Paris it’s fashion week again:

Anna Mouglalis’ shoes look like the Round-Toe Straight-Heel Pump to me, while Blake Lively wore ‘Alta Spritney‘, Leighton Meester wore the ‘Loubout‘ and Jessica Alba donned the ‘Bridget‘.

At an earlier fashion week this year (during Spring), Louis Vuitton presented this much debated collection:

Presented by (from l2r, upper row: Laetitia Casta, Adriana Lima, Karolina Kurkova, Alessandra Ambrosio, from l2r, bottom row: Bar Refaeli, Rosie Huntington, Elle MacPherson and ofc Marc Jacobs)

A few weeks ago, these clothes and shoes looked good even far away from the runway, at a LV store opening in London:

This season is all about Miu Miu. Their shoes are more popular than ever:

The one that Katy Perry wore has been presented already in this post.

Now on to a simple yet marvelous piece:

Stella McCartney‘s resort collection is fairly popular in the blogosphere, I have the feeling you’re going to like this pair! Heels: 11cm, platform: 1 cm, price: $800.

The final picture of this post is all about shoe shopping again. This seems to be something that is painful for someone and a lot of fun for someone else ๐Ÿ˜€

Hope you enjoyed this post, the one is likely to appear on Sunday.

Have a nice weekend – Friday won’t be too long ๐Ÿ˜‰

Please don’t…

21 Feb

Wow, looks like I’m turning this blog into a weekly blog…But I’m about to change that, starting tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I have a new issue of my “Please don’t” magazine – but this time, it’s not only about shoes.

Of course, ladies shoes first:

I wonder what she was thinking when she paired this outfit with these shoes. The ankle chain/anklet is the icing on the cake…

Breaking news: Paris Hilton made it into the “Please don’t” magazine. I never saw this one coming ๐Ÿ™‚

It might be just me and the way my parents raised me, but if I were a club owner and saw millions of holes (were talking about big guns, YSL’s T2 here) in my couches after closing, I’d surely be pissed…I know it’s not just her, but media (am I one?) puts her activity on display.

Finally, a really good one:

First I wasn’t sure what to do when I saw this picture, but a few seconds later I decided that laughing would be the best reaction. Kanye (yo my brotha!), what the heck is wrong with you? Amber, seriously, there was no better solution for your problems than to buy this one with the huge, glowing LV signs on it, right? Karl, you should look for better a company…

Apropos, Louis Vuitton. My girlfriends hair clip (“1001 Nuits”) fell apart just after 2 months. A Chinese hair clip for 1 dollar lasts for more! Of course there’s no more in gold/pink, so they gave me one in silver – with one of the gems missing. They’ve repaired it – one day later the clip broke again while it was in its box. Now she has a new one, I wonder how long it will last. Looks like LV shouldn’t do jewelery.

I hope you had a great weekend. For me it was hard to choose: Olympics – LFW, Olympics – LFW, …

Thanks for watching, good night ๐Ÿ™‚