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Sunday at Jimmy’s

17 May

It’s Sunday, and it’s the third one of the month, it’s time for the “Please don’t” post…Nope, not today, because this month has 5 Sundays, so I thought I’d do it on the 4th weekend and the Polydress on the 5th.

Wich means, today I have a “normal” post. This week was all about Christian Louboutin so far – it wouldn’t be fair not to show anyone else’s work, would it? There wouldn’t be anything better than to post Jimmy Choos, just to keep the balance:)

I know the Glenys have been on THHT already, but people can’t stop wearing them, just like they do it with the YSL Tribute Double Platform. No wonder they love it! Jordana’s Seattle is a new product, another choice for the summer. Just to sum up: 12 cm heel, slight platform, $830. Let’s see what else is new:

The platform booties are very new, especially in this color; could be reserved for a special occassion, if you’re able to spend $950 on it.

Speaking of special occassions, here is another one for you: the Sweden pumps cost only $400!

Kim’s sandals are less spectacular, but they also go for the “Sandals of the summer 2009” title. Of course, they are available in other colors as well. They are fitted with 12 cm heels and have a “Prize”-tag of $795.

That’s it for now, I’ll be back on Tuesday with a post full of Louis Vuittons, while on Thursday I’ll write (and what’s even more useful:  show pictures) about the shoe wearing habits of the Knowles-girls. The weekend will be spectacular this time: on Saturday I’ll post something really special and on Sunday the “Please don’t” magazine will arrive.

See you then, have a nice week!