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Shoes to show off this summer

1 Jun

As usual, I’ve prepared 10 pairs to present in this post. These shoes are made for the summer, so in case you can allow to treat yourself, here are a few ideas for you 🙂

The first one is by Walter Steiger (worn here by Adrienne Bailon), take a closer look at the trademark curved heel!

Colors, colors, colors – that’s what this season is about. Carmen Electra clearly loves awesome shoes, here are some new pairs she couldn’t resist buying:

1″ platform, 5,5″ heel, around $800.

New additions to her Louboutin collection:

The Meteorita: 1,5″ platform, 5,5″ heel, $1.800, and the No. 299 Trash has a 1″ platform, 6″ heels and costs at least $1.200.

She’s not that tall, no wonder she prefers to wear extremely high heels every now and then, like these bow sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti:

She also likes “mainstream” shoes, like YSL‘s classic platform pumps:

In case you’re looking for elegant evening shoes, here’s this very simple pair by Cesare Paciotti, worn here by the marvelous Irina Sheik:

Another fancy pair of shoes is the “Lance” by Jimmy Choo:

On nights that are somewhat chilly, light ankle boots like this one on Victoria Justice (made by Valentino) could be the solution.

The shoes you’ve seen in almost every editorial this spring are made by Prada. These shoes take you back in time and they are certainly very unique! Take a look at Kylie’s, it even has her monogram on the soles!

The last one for today also has summer written all over it. The cork wedges by Giuseppe Zanotti guarantee that you won’t go unnoticed if you hit the beach wearing them. Kendra Wilkinson‘s shoes have 1,75″ platforms, 6″ heels and she’s spent around $700 on them.

That’s it, have a nice weekend all!

Stop playin’ with my mind

22 Oct

Five pairs by some of the world’s biggest brands are featured in this post.

I’m never sure about Juliette Lewis. No really, think about it. One day she’s Rock’nRoll Girl, the next day she’s wearing a LPD (Little Pink Dress) and Jimmy Choos. Versatile, okay, let’s go with that. Apparently, this is the shoe from Jimmy Choo’s PEP Project from last winter. LOVE.

Wolke is unknown for most of you, I’m pretty sure about it. She’s one of those German ladies who looks okay most of the times – that says it all. The young actress did attend the Emporio Armani store opening not so long ago, no wonder she wore Armani right at the very next event. These shoes look good; 12 cm heels, less than $600, who needs more?

My apologies for not posting Kendra and her McQueen pumps earlier. To have a little McQueen collage, I’ve put her pictures right under those of Naomi Campbell and her rather shocking and at the same time, amazing boots. What a contrast! The boots look mcqueen-ish, while the pumps look perfectly normal (as long as you forget about the skulls). While Kendra didn’t spend more than $1.000 on her shoes, Naomi may have spent much more than $3.000 – the ankle boot of this collection costs $2.900.

The last one in this post are the high heel gladiators by Versace. 3 cm platform, 14 cm heel; $1.100. We’ve seen cheaper gladiators already, this isn’t cheap, and while’re we’re at it, just a quick fyi: Michelle has the gold edition as well. It looks like sometimes money doesn’t play a role at shopping at all.

Anyway, enjoy:

That’s it for now, have a great weekend. If I’ll be able to post, expect it to happen on Sunday.

Until then, bye bye!

Atwood and YSL megapost

27 Jul

Because of my trip to London (yay!) I’m not sure when I’ll post again, so I leave you with a massive post of Brian Atwood’s pumps and YSL’s renaissance till then!

Now, the YSL part:

Obviously, YSL shoes have an evolution but also older pairs are worn again. They turned out to be proper classic designs! Are you OK with that or do you think YSL needs to release something new again?

I hope to be able to post on Thursday again, until then, good bye!

PS: If you have any (fashion related) suggestions what I should see in London next week, drop me a line! I know about the ‘Maison Martin Margiela ’20’ ‘ exhibition already, I hope to see something else as well. TY!

Heels for this summer

23 Jul

Welcome back! This year, summer is more than just heat, beach, water and festivals; this summer is also about the football World Cup. I know you ladies are pleased it’s over, aren’t you? 🙂

People at marketing departments seem to think that they can sell everything this time with a pretty lady and a ball. Basically, they are right I guess 🙂 Let’s see what they’ve come up with.

First, there was Shakira, famous for her official World Cup song. Please tell me why it was important to show up wearing boots at a promotional event at the World Cup in South Africa:

The next example is Gabrielle Eva Longoria. She appeared together with Mexico’s Rafael Marquez:

Last one trying to use the media hype around the World Cup is model Larissa Riquelme and a pr-team:

You can’t say the owner of this blog doesn’t like heels, but at certain events flats would do the trick too. Just like the other way around, you don’t wear flip-flops at award ceremonies. Advertising something football related with a hot girl is like all those ads and scenes with girls washing cars. I get it, they want to reach out to male viewers 🙂


Do you like wedges? If not, why not?

And now, a few brand updates.

Lanvin is more and more popular, no wonder they opened a store in NYC.

BTW, I haven’t seen Hilary dressed up that well in months.

Gucci is still hot as well.

Ladies just doesn’t seem to get enough of these beautiful creations:

That’s all for now, next post should appear on Sunday.

Have a nice weekend, lovely Readers!