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Not only red soles

14 May

Wow, it’s been a while since my last shoe post, but what can you do if you have a day job (that is not fashion blogging)?!

There are a number of Christian Louboutin shoes to post, I’ve selected four of them to include in this post:

• • •

• • •

• • •

Then, there is Rock & Republic‘s sandal with chains, obviously for a lot less money than those mentioned above.

The last one for this post is something special from a brand which is not one of my favorites, Louis Vuitton:

I have to admit, this pair looks magnificent.

Boots of the summer

25 Aug

In case you’re not living in South Africa like Jasna, the months June, July and August aren’t usually considered as the time for boots (my apologies to other readers not mentioned living in the Southern Hemisphere and to those in Siberia).

However, celebrities lead the way in basically everything, especially in fashion, so it shouldn’t be shocking to see them wearing boots in 90F. Or…should it? I let you decide, here’s a compilation of famous and not-that-famous ladies wearing boots in the middle of summer.

I wonder what’s your opinion about this topic.

Is this question strictly related to the outside temperatures or is it okay to wear boots whenever you want to (let’s just forget about Uggs for a moment, okay?!)?

For me, I’d be quite definitely surprised to see someone wearing boots in August, but I live in a developing country regarding fashion.