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27 Aug

I hope to cause both major and minor “wows” with these pictures.

The well known Casadei platforms:

I’m pretty obsessed with the last one – how about you?

The green elephant

30 Jun

…or whatever 🙂 Simply tons of shoes!

This pair by Aldo seems to be more popular than ever. For $105, why not?

Both shoes have 11,5 cm heels and the “Faithful” costs $1.155!

Wanna grow quickly? 🙂 Get Casadei‘s trademark (triple) platform pumps!

I’ve created a collage entirely out of Ciara’s looks, because I consider her one of the best dressed these days. At least from the aspect of her shoes, she surely is. Always new shoes, fantastic outfits. In the last two pictures, not only her shoes are Balmain and Dsquared respectively, but also the dresses.

Imagine yourself in Balmain from head to toe 😮 😉

Kim has chosen a classic this time, which matches her dress perfectly. The dress is pretty spectacular, isn’t it?

The “Lance” has 11,5 cm heels, price $640, while the “Zoom” has 11 cm heels and costs around $1.050.

Finally, a Jimmy Choo event in Germany:

This breathtaking pair has 13 cm heels (but a platform as well) and in case you’re interested, prepare to spend $1745!

Any thoughts & favorites?

Face it: 2009 is almost over

29 Dec

For this reason, just like last year, I’ve selected a “few” stunning, quality pictures which focus on faces.

If you can’t wait to see all the sheer beauties, click on the link below!

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Guilty pleasure

23 Nov

Dear Shoe Addicts,

another opportunity has come to spend a lot on shoes again. Well, if you like them, of course.

Dear Shoe Addicts, give me one good reason why you wouldn’t!

How can it be, that each and every pair by her is a fantastic piece of work? The sandals cost around $400, the boots cost around $800 (4,5″ heels plus a 0,5″ platform). What else do I have for you?

The “Detroit” has a 4″ heel, easy-peasy, right? Jessica must have spent around $1000 on them…

The last pair I’ve got for you today is yet another marvelous pair by Mr Louboutin:

Which one is your favorite?