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Those Louboutins again!

2 Jun

As it has probably appeared to you, I haven’t been posting Louboutins too often lately. The reason for this is that they appear so frequently, that if I had always posted them in time, there wouldn’t have been enough time/space for other shoes. Luckily enough, Elise is busy with analyzing the work of the Frenchman, so if you’re looking for a Loubi-therapy, spend some time over at her place ๐Ÿ™‚

However, my “to post” list of CL has grown so massive that I’ve decided it’s time to post parts of his genius work again.

To start with, I have the famous cage boots in various forms:

The Pigalle is officially timeless.

I’ve selected the following pictures because

  • Alicia Key’s version of these pumps is simply beautiful
  • I really like the whole look of Julie Benz (hair, coat, top, pants)
  • Top model Selita dons the original & the newest version of the Pigalle

The last pair is the shiny-shiny Poseidon, I like how it reflects light on the floor:

Do I see the older Heidi Montag in Victoria Silvstedt?

Hope you enjoyed it, now go shopping! ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s still summer, right?

22 Jul

I have to say I’m a a bit surprised to see famous ladies wearing boots or at least ankle boots already in July. They look good, no question about it, but I guess it’s just me who’s not used to see the words “boots” and “July” connected with each other.

First, there was Miss PCD to wear proper boots like two weeks ago:

Then, the following ladies fell in love with this amazing pair of ankle boots:

I like it too, what about you? Be careful, don’t let it conquer your heart, it costs $1295!

/Just what is wrong with Cassie?!

In order to avoid turning this post into another Louboutin-post again, Rihanna helped me out:

She has spent $775 on these booties!

Any opinions?