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THE update

10 Apr

Low bandwith users, be careful…

Hi there, I’m still here, though I had no time to post this week. I know posting doesn’t take too much time usually, but this time, trust me it takes:)

The reason for that is that I’ve made the update I’ve written about here. This update tries to show which shoes are the most popular these days among the (wannabe)famous women. I’m sure the list isn’t full; the pictures that I’ve used for this post have been made between January and the very recent days ๐Ÿ™‚

I suppose you click on the images to see all the details; the pictures here are thumbnails compared to the originals.

Let’s start with YSL and it’s oldest hit, the Tribute pump, mentioned here already:


Next, it’s the Tribute Platform T-Strap, that is maybe even more successfull than the the TP. I’ve written about them here and here.


Now, it’s time for the biggest sensation, the Tribute Double Platform. Posts about this can be found here and here.


Now that you have enough of YSL, I change the subject, it’s time for a certain Mr Choo ๐Ÿ™‚ You can find the post about the Corsica sandal here and you can see the one with the Glenys by clicking here.


Jimmy Choo’s biggest rival, Christian Louboutin has also got returning costumers. Did you think I wouldn’t post anything about le magicien? ๐Ÿ™‚ Two sandals, which – now it’s sure – are making the biggest impact this summer are the:

(posted already here) and the

that I have mentioned here (Heidi Klum) and here (Audrina Partridge and Debra Messing).


Speaking of platform ankle sandals, I’m sure you remember Gucci‘s hit that I’ve written about here and over here. There are new fans on board! Unfortunately, I couldn’t include any pictures of La C.’s pair, because… ๐Ÿ˜‰


Last but not least, I’ve some other shoes which also got in the spotlight during the last few months:

You can see Jordana’s pumps here, Megan’s boots here, Vivica’s Balenciagas here and Rihanna’s marvellous sandals here and here.


I hope you enjoyed this little collection, maybe I’ve also encouraged you to buy a pair or two:)


Queen of the future?

31 Mar

As Victoria Beckham is getting older and isn’t that popular, you might wonder who could get the title ‘Queen of the heels’. Is it Kim Kardashian? Or Heidi Montag? Or is it Audrina of the Hills, who seems to have spent a hell lot of money on shoes lately? I bet she’s a candidate:)

I am going to have an update on some of the shoes, that have been mentioned on this blog. However, now that I am doing a post of Audrina, a part of the huge update is here. I tell you why. Let’s begin with the Zanotti ankle boots, which have been mentioned here already.

Next, there she was at an MTV event in Australia, wearing a pair of Balmains and some hours/a day later she’s wearing the fantastic Gucci ‘Iman’ sandals. Balmains are here and the Guccis are over here.

I saved the best for the last. If this hasn’t been enough already, she bought a pair of the Louboutin ‘123’ Platforms, that I first saw on Heidi Klum, here. Now I’m really wondering who this girl really is, and whether having a role in five season of the Hills are enough to become a world-famous celebrity or not.

Heidi had a black pair of the 123s, now Audrina has a white (?). Debra Messing couldn’t resist either, now she has got a white pair too:

Considering the prices of these shoes that A. has brought, I suppose you give up your ideas of having a meaningful life and get yourself a reality show ๐Ÿ˜€

I have a question for you:

It’s on

11 Mar

To be honest, of all the Spring/Summer collections I’ve seen so far I like Gucci’s S/S 09 collection the most. I know it’s easy to pick one giga-brand of them all, but I just can’t stop loving all those colors, especially the long dresses. I think Gucci is going to have a huge success this season.

Putting all the clothes aside and focusing on the shoes, I’m sure you all have seen the pictures of Kate Hudson attending Burberry’s show back in October 2008. She’s wearing the T-strap sandal, which has a 3.4″ heel and costs about $1160.

Only for the record, in November 2008, Rihanna was spotted at a Gucci event wearing Gucci shoes as well, but not much of them could be seen (because of her marvellous dress). We could note though, that this pair was a bit different:

As always, waiting has been worth it again. Earlier this week, the ever beautiful Anna Kournikova did a proper catwalk. Wearing an eye catching outfit, she didn’t cover her shoes, and I think this is first time we could see the Iman off the runway.

It is the T-straps big sister, it has a 4.1″ heel and costs a few bucks more, $1275.

I can’t wait to see them worn with an Exotica dress in public (=not in a fasion show). I think it might be my first big love of 2009 ๐Ÿ™‚

โ€œThe bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory.โ€
Aldo Gucci

/I wonder why I’ve been listening to songs of Five during writing this post *seriouslyashamedsmiley* + if La C. got a few steps closer to these shoes/