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Heels for this summer

23 Jul

Welcome back! This year, summer is more than just heat, beach, water and festivals; this summer is also about the football World Cup. I know you ladies are pleased it’s over, aren’t you? πŸ™‚

People at marketing departments seem to think that they can sell everything this time with a pretty lady and a ball. Basically, they are right I guess πŸ™‚ Let’s see what they’ve come up with.

First, there was Shakira, famous for her official World Cup song. Please tell me why it was important to show up wearing boots at a promotional event at the World Cup in South Africa:

The next example is Gabrielle Eva Longoria. She appeared together with Mexico’s Rafael Marquez:

Last one trying to use the media hype around the World Cup is model Larissa Riquelme and a pr-team:

You can’t say the owner of this blog doesn’t like heels, but at certain events flats would do the trick too. Just like the other way around, you don’t wear flip-flops at award ceremonies. Advertising something football related with a hot girl is like all those ads and scenes with girls washing cars. I get it, they want to reach out to male viewers πŸ™‚


Do you like wedges? If not, why not?

And now, a few brand updates.

Lanvin is more and more popular, no wonder they opened a store in NYC.

BTW, I haven’t seen Hilary dressed up that well in months.

Gucci is still hot as well.

Ladies just doesn’t seem to get enough of these beautiful creations:

That’s all for now, next post should appear on Sunday.

Have a nice weekend, lovely Readers!

Spikes & Needles

26 May

After a quick affair with Rosie, I’m back to normal and it’s the shoes that are in spotlight again!

Karl & Co. don’t have the most popular shoes, but they certainly have a few nice pairs, just like this:

I have no further details on this shoe, so we can’t do anything else than push the “Like” button πŸ™‚

My favorite brand sells more and more shoes of it’s new collection:

This pair costs around $930! But that’s not all!

You’re probably familiar with “Sigrid” already, these days it costs $1390! Let me introduce another new player (and welcome back a known one):

Debra’s “Gail” costs $795, while the boots of that other lady (any guesses who she is?) cost a whopping $1550! The boots may look familiar to you because I’ve posted about them already.

I guess it’s enough of Gucci by now (is it?), let’s move on to a style icon who apparently isn’t afraid of heights:

Her style is flawless again and just how good do her shoes look? In addition to the superb design, it could be almost called cheap: $215 only! It comes in white as well.

The last pair I’m showing you in this post is the following pair worn by Lost star Michelle Rodriguez.

If you want to have fizz and bubble, Jimmy Choo is your man!

11 cm heels, $785 – you might want to add this pair to your wish list.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if so, I’m more than happy to read your comments!

See you in a few days!

Feel the vibe

28 Apr

– In heels I feel so much prettier!

– Me too, but I can’t walk in them!

– It’s not that hard, you just have to put your feet in front of the other!

Part of a discussion between two girls around the age of 16 on the bus

So you’re looking for the prettiest heels to have to most spectacular footwear this summer? This is your lucky day, I can help you out πŸ™‚

Let’s start with the outcome of a brilliant collaboration between Ivegotthehottestshoulders Balmain and Giuseppe Zanotti:

The heels are 11 cm high and you’d have to pay $1395 for this beauty.


Up next is a pair from last summer, but I bet you’d still rock the place:

Looks like Ciara’s workout program for her calves is highly effective.


Wondermom Heidi presents a new pair by the beloved French designer:

These shoes have a 3,5 cm platforms and 14 cm heels, the price is around $780.


A new season of the Hills has just started. Laguna Beach and the Hills are my guilty pleasures – she looks damn good and her shoe wardrobe is growing without limits. Me likey.


To visit an extremer side of shoe design, take a look at this:

I like their whole new collection, and after having Freja presented some of it in an editorial a few weeks earlier, now it’s nice to see it in real life as well. A real looker, right?


Last but not least, my favorite brand had a cool party in London this month, they’ve opened a pop-up store as far as I know. The guests showed their love for the brand:

Okay, she’s a former top model, so what? πŸ™‚ It might look good on normal human beings without 2m long legs too! (Note: it’s not her in the campaign but Natasha Poly, IINM.)

Prices from $1500…

After all that, what are looking for to buy for this Summer? πŸ˜€