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Stop playin’ with my mind

22 Oct

Five pairs by some of the world’s biggest brands are featured in this post.

I’m never sure about Juliette Lewis. No really, think about it. One day she’s Rock’nRoll Girl, the next day she’s wearing a LPD (Little Pink Dress) and Jimmy Choos. Versatile, okay, let’s go with that. Apparently, this is the shoe from Jimmy Choo’s PEP Project from last winter. LOVE.

Wolke is unknown for most of you, I’m pretty sure about it. She’s one of those German ladies who looks okay most of the times – that says it all. The young actress did attend the Emporio Armani store opening not so long ago, no wonder she wore Armani right at the very next event. These shoes look good; 12 cm heels, less than $600, who needs more?

My apologies for not posting Kendra and her McQueen pumps earlier. To have a little McQueen collage, I’ve put her pictures right under those of Naomi Campbell and her rather shocking and at the same time, amazing boots. What a contrast! The boots look mcqueen-ish, while the pumps look perfectly normal (as long as you forget about the skulls). While Kendra didn’t spend more than $1.000 on her shoes, Naomi may have spent much more than $3.000 – the ankle boot of this collection costs $2.900.

The last one in this post are the high heel gladiators by Versace. 3 cm platform, 14 cm heel; $1.100. We’ve seen cheaper gladiators already, this isn’t cheap, and while’re we’re at it, just a quick fyi: Michelle has the gold edition as well. It looks like sometimes money doesn’t play a role at shopping at all.

Anyway, enjoy:

That’s it for now, have a great weekend. If I’ll be able to post, expect it to happen on Sunday.

Until then, bye bye!