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Guest post and “Please don’t”

19 Jun

First of all, let me share my fantastic experience with you.

For the first time since I’m blogging, yours truly has been honored by another blogger by having been asked to write a guest post for her blog. This was a brand new and at the same time, a very pleasant experience for me.

If you’re interested, take a look at it over at Alexis’ bloghere you go.

Thanks again, CC ๐Ÿ™‚

The other part of my post is the part in which I show you looks which wouldn’t get my approval if I were in charge.

I’m happy that Kristanna realized that sandals like that weren’t made for her feet, but choosing the witch-style in 2010 at such an event isn’t the right solution IMO.

Unfortunately, there were plenty of mistakes to choose from and I’ve selected another load as well:

There’s nothing wrong with Debra’s Louboutins, I love them, but this pair just wasn’t made for her. The same goes for Verena – I mean, the mirror has been already invented.

I don’t think I have to explain my problem with Lindsay and Paula

Is it just me or do you also think these shouldn’t happen?

I hope you’re having a fine weekend, see you tomorrow (Model Monday)!

Spikes & Needles

26 May

After a quick affair with Rosie, I’m back to normal and it’s the shoes that are in spotlight again!

Karl & Co. don’t have the most popular shoes, but they certainly have a few nice pairs, just like this:

I have no further details on this shoe, so we can’t do anything else than push the “Like” button ๐Ÿ™‚

My favorite brand sells more and more shoes of it’s new collection:

This pair costs around $930! But that’s not all!

You’re probably familiar with “Sigrid” already, these days it costs $1390! Let me introduce another new player (and welcome back a known one):

Debra’s “Gail” costs $795, while the boots of that other lady (any guesses who she is?) cost a whopping $1550! The boots may look familiar to you because I’ve posted about them already.

I guess it’s enough of Gucci by now (is it?), let’s move on to a style icon who apparently isn’t afraid of heights:

Her style is flawless again and just how good do her shoes look? In addition to the superb design, it could be almost called cheap: $215 only! It comes in white as well.

The last pair I’m showing you in this post is the following pair worn by Lost star Michelle Rodriguez.

If you want to have fizz and bubble, Jimmy Choo is your man!

11 cm heels, $785 – you might want to add this pair to your wish list.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if so, I’m more than happy to read your comments!

See you in a few days!

Monsieur L, part 1

13 May

After such a long time, it’s time to dedicate a post to Mr Louboutin again. Well, it’s going to be two posts, since I have so many new photos (or at least unposted pictures), that it’s better to have them posted in two. Today, the first part contains some already known types and also some pretty new ones.

Let’s begin with the known one, the 123 or Differa, if you will. You might remember them from this post.

Once again, it’s like a weapon: 14 cm heel, costs around $1495… wear it and your officially a pro:)

Let’s move on and check out something new. First, here is Xtina and Ashley Tisdale, wearing almost the same shoes…yepp, just almost, because Christina’s is something really special. The shoes that Heidi has been wearing are mentioned here.

Ashley’s Mary-Janes have a 4.5 inch (12 cm) heel and a 1 inch platform, and you can get them for a price between $945 and $995.

The last collage for today shows you some of the new works of the Master.

I’m not sure about Leighton’s shoes (12 cm, $1850), because I don’t really like that look, as I already told that to some of you in different blogs. But I do like Ciara’s boots pretty much, they totally match the usually extravagant style of her.

Don’t forget to check back today again, part 2 will be posted in a few hours!

Please don’t…

19 Apr

Finally, I have some free time to post again. I had to get these few minutes because it’s time for one of the special posts, it’s time to see what I didn’t like in the past few months.

This post has more pictures than the last one, blame the ladies out there:)

Let’s see the first collage:

I think Debra’s pumps are disgusting, ugly and stogy. They look way too big. Julia’s pumps just don’t need that flower on it, and I simply don’t like the design of SJP’s sandals/pumps/boots/whatever. This goes for Mariah’s Marnis as well, but I think some of you might like the idea of those shoes. Mariah had a good sense for picking shoes in the past, nowadays it looks like something happened to her.

It’s not about the shoes in the case of Courtney Cox, I like her Jimmy Choos. It’s about the stockings. You don’t wear stockings if you’re not wearing boots or pumps, do you? Look at the other picture of her, she looks much better! On the other hand, I found a recent picture of Jessica Alba. It’s a fact that I’d marry her anytime if I’d have the chance, so maybe that’s a reason why I think that she looks okay despite wearing stockings and sandals. What do you think about that?

Up next, it’s time for something even uglier:

I just don’t get it why a famous person doesn’t care about herself. I know it’s hard to go to the gym every day, but hey, if you want to wear shorts like this and if you have the crazy idea to wear mules (?) like this, you’ve got to have to train super hard.

About Bai Ling, hmmm…well, let me just say that I don’t think she’s a beauty like Zhang Ziyi and that she usually dresses like a slut. Maybe that’s the way she’s trying to get the attention. Anyhow, those boots are…yuck, and she should buy shoes in her size, I mean, it looks just funny.

In the last picture, I have something different for you:

The reason these pictures are here are the following: I don’t think it’s appropriate to attend an event like the ones they did wearing flats. I’ve got nothing against flats, they can be very lovely and I also know that they are the girl’s real best friends. But unless you’re not at an open-air summer festival but f.e. at a party celebrating that you’re (Eliza) on the cover of a magazine, well, try to be even prettier. Especially for Brooke and her huge calves, making them look longer wouldn’t have hurt.

Last but not least, it’s Jennifer. It’s not about her boots, I guess you can see what I’m talking, or… not talking about. This is a mistake you do once in a lifetime and it could follow you for a long-long time, especially if you do this on the red carpet. I really like her, that’s why I feel so sorry about this case.

Aaaand on this bombshell, it’s time for me to stop writing and go to sleep, I still got some work to do.

I hope you’ve got opinions about the topics I’ve mentioned and I also hope that some of you don’t agree with me in everything ๐Ÿ™‚