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Steal the show with your shoes

29 Aug

Here are ten examples how a shoe can steal the show 🙂

First, here’s Audrina Patridge wearing the “Future” pumps by Ruthie Davis:

Still Ruthie Davis shoes, worn here by Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson:

How amaaazing are these shoes?!

The next one is Sarah Hyland in Giuseppe Zanotti peep toe slingbacks with hidden platforms:

Just a quick FYI: Kim Kardashian wore almost the same shoes at her wedding!

Up next, Gossip Girl’s troublemaker Blake Lively in Christian Louboutin:

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s shoe wardrobe just keeps getting better and better:

Miu Miu FTW 🙂

Up next, here’s Casadei and their trademark pumps that I’ve called the new IT pumps recently. Kristen Bell and the beautiful Minka Kelly have chosen the same color:

Looks like there’s no post without mentioning Brian Atwood. Here you go with the not that famous “Nico” pumps worn by Emma Stone:

Here’s the “Maniac” worn by Rose McGowan in a color that I haven’t seen yet:

I might have saved the best for last 🙂 Miranda Kerr in Jimmy Choo:

The “Halley” platform sandals can be yours for a whopping $1.200!

Okay, one more JC with Leighton Meester wearing the “Corsica” sandal:

This is it for now, I really hope you like this post! 🙂

Fashion icons?

31 Jul

I guess a lot of you watch films, series and scream sometimes like “Ohmygosh I neeeed that!” Of course, that might be the case with tops, dresses, bags, shoes, whatever. But because this blog is about shoes, let’s focus on them.

For this post, I have captured moments when shoes appear on the screen. To do so, I have selected the following two films and two series:

Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is a classic movie, anyone who’s a fashion addict has seen it (at least I think so); it is an old classic. If I say old classic, you might already think there is a new classic. Yes, there is. “The devil wears Prada” is the new classic in my opinion, but correct me if I’m wrong.

As for the series, I have selected the fiction “Gossip Girl” and the less-fiction (yet I wouldn’t call it reality) “The Hills“. GG is the Land of Canaan for the fashionistas/dandies (long live Chuck Bass), while the Hills produces almost the same effect on the other side of the continent, in a less likeable frame for a lot of people (poor acting – not that I would be amazed by Blake Lively’s acting qualities – and Spencer).

I’ve used only the last 8 episodes of GG but the whole fifth season of the Hills.

Now I shut up and show those screencaps! Click to continue!

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THE update

10 Apr

Low bandwith users, be careful…

Hi there, I’m still here, though I had no time to post this week. I know posting doesn’t take too much time usually, but this time, trust me it takes:)

The reason for that is that I’ve made the update I’ve written about here. This update tries to show which shoes are the most popular these days among the (wannabe)famous women. I’m sure the list isn’t full; the pictures that I’ve used for this post have been made between January and the very recent days 🙂

I suppose you click on the images to see all the details; the pictures here are thumbnails compared to the originals.

Let’s start with YSL and it’s oldest hit, the Tribute pump, mentioned here already:


Next, it’s the Tribute Platform T-Strap, that is maybe even more successfull than the the TP. I’ve written about them here and here.


Now, it’s time for the biggest sensation, the Tribute Double Platform. Posts about this can be found here and here.


Now that you have enough of YSL, I change the subject, it’s time for a certain Mr Choo 🙂 You can find the post about the Corsica sandal here and you can see the one with the Glenys by clicking here.


Jimmy Choo’s biggest rival, Christian Louboutin has also got returning costumers. Did you think I wouldn’t post anything about le magicien? 🙂 Two sandals, which – now it’s sure – are making the biggest impact this summer are the:

(posted already here) and the

that I have mentioned here (Heidi Klum) and here (Audrina Partridge and Debra Messing).


Speaking of platform ankle sandals, I’m sure you remember Gucci‘s hit that I’ve written about here and over here. There are new fans on board! Unfortunately, I couldn’t include any pictures of La C.’s pair, because… 😉


Last but not least, I’ve some other shoes which also got in the spotlight during the last few months:

You can see Jordana’s pumps here, Megan’s boots here, Vivica’s Balenciagas here and Rihanna’s marvellous sandals here and here.


I hope you enjoyed this little collection, maybe I’ve also encouraged you to buy a pair or two:)

I want to kiss Jimmy – updated!

27 Jan

Don’t get me wrong, you know what I mean 😉

Although Jimmy Choo‘s work has always been spectacular, somehow I didn’t feature any of his shoes yet. But the time has come, look at this new shoe, part of  the Spring/Summer ’09 collection, worn by the beautiful Izraeli supermodel, Bar Refaeli back in December 2008 – she’s also new on the board.

I’m very impressed by this shoe. It’s prize is now about $915 (€695), just in case you need to have something to dream about;)


Around the same time, the beautiful Olivia Wilde had them in a different color on: