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Don’t do this!

27 Mar

There are a few ladies who earned a place in this month’s “Please don’t” post.

“A) Gross…and B) Really?”

by Blair Waldorf

The first one is British singer Alexandra Burke:

The next one is Jessica Lowndes. The whole look is superb, it’s just that tiny disturbing detail:

Cat Deeley needs no introduction to my American readers. Usually she’s perfect from head to toe, but what the hell happened here?

I never thought Gisele Bündchen would be featured in this post, but such is life…

The last one for now is Chelsea. I wonder if there was no better way to hide it than this:

Tell me if I’m wrong about these!

Teen Choice Awards 2010 and much more

11 Aug

It’s been a while since I’ve posted outfit pictures of many ladies attending the very same event, but this year’s Teen Choice Awards didn’t gave any other option.

Here we go:

Hilary Duff wore ‘Big Lips’ by Christian Louboutin.

Ms Waldorf wore CL heels as well; I really like her outfit!

Cat Deeley in Jimmy Choo, Kristen Bell in Brian Atwood.

Lea Michele in Dior wedges, Victoria Justice in YSL (miauuu), Ashley Greene in Salvatore Ferragamo.

Meanwhile, over at the cutie section:

Katerina‘s boots are a bit surprising, but imo she looks fine. Jenna Dewan in Brian Atwood, Kim Kardashian in Casadei and Emma Roberts wore Brian Atwood.

What do you think, whose outfit was the best? Name 3!

That wasn’t all I got for this post 🙂

A Calvin Klein event at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in July in Berlin, Germany.

These platforms are crazy! As you can see, you could buy them in black too.

I’d call this pair crazy as well. Reminds me on Balenciaga

The last part of this post is a Dior event held a few weeks ago:

Note Jessica’s ankle there…oouch!

Solid as always, right?

That’s the end of this post, see you on Friday again!

Highs and lows

2 Dec

In this post I’m presenting you two high-end pairs and two pairs with more reasonable, affordable prices. Let’s start with the more expensive ones.

These pictures have been taken back in October, but I didn’t had any time to post them so far – the time has come to feature them on my blog:

This pair has a 3,5″ heel and a 0,5″ platform and costs around $1080.

The other high-end designer product is the following pair:

It has 4″ heels and prices may vary from $800 to $1100. These sandals could be perfect for next spring/summer!

Please take a look a look at the low-price pairs. Both are by ALDO, and even though you can’t label them as extremely spectacular, they are still trendy and chick – please choose these over fake designer shoes!

The Fawson is available in three colors (gray, black and taupe) and costs $90, while the Segura has a wider range of colors (purple, gray, taupe, medium blue, med. silver, black satin, black suede and black patent) and costs $80-90.

Tell me if you like them 😉

Please don’t…

15 Nov

Unfortunately there were some bad shoe-selections this month again…Not as bad as usual (I’m ignoring Shauna Sand a Bai Ling already), but it still hurts.

Just take a look at Jessica Simpson. She’s wearing the YSL T2 (yes, it’s November 2009…), but then she decides to hurt me even more and takes them off (her feet might have been hurting after some hours of wearing it). Please please please, don’t walk barefoot with your shoes in your hands!

Then, oh my world, there was Cat and Paris. Let’s not talk about the Jimmy Choo for H&M project in general, we’ll talk about that later. Let’s just look at this:

Why weren’t they able to put on a pair of the new collection like everybody else? This is ridiculous in my opinion!