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The crazier the better

22 Oct

Finally, I’m back on track and here we go again with another selection of three quite extreme pairs.

To start with the simplest of them, let’s take a look at LC’s beloved footwear these days:

I love the details of this sandal; well, we expect spectacular shoes from Givenchy, don’t we? It’s price is around $1200.

The next innovative pair is this:

Cool design, isn’t it? In case you’d like to buy a pair, you don’t have to save for such a long time, it costs only $360!

The craziest of today’s post is definitely the boots of the French magician. You could see Carine Roitfeld wearing it, and one of the most hated bitch girl of Hollywood, Heidi bought a pair as well. In my opinion, she looks great in the first outfit, the boots and the clothes match well. In the second outfit however, she managed to created the streetwalker-look, which might not have been the best choice of her life.

Nevertheless, the boots are awesome, if you’re brave enough and have a matching outfit (and $2000), go for it!

Tomorrow I’ll attend a fashion show again, I’m going to post the images of it along with those that I still haven’t ASAP. See you all on Sunday, ladies and gents!


The Shoe Girl wrote first about these…looks fantastic…$3400…