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10 Jan

Hello my lovely readers,

Once again, The High Heel Times needs your help to identify a few particular pair of shoes.

The reader with the most correct answers get a virtual wardrobe full of shoes 🙂

After having seen loads of new boots with the most marvelous designs, here comes the 90210 star with an everyday-wear-like pair, yet it’s still above average!

It is a nice evening sandal, but it looks like any other nice evening sandal – I can’t see any special marks on it. Yet we’re talking about Audrina, which means it has to be from a  famous designer. Is it?

It looks pretty Skovgaard-ish – Burberry-ish, but I’m not sure…Looks fierce!

I love the details with the pearls, I have the feeling that we’re facing influences from Italy here, like Prada/Miu Miu, Dolce, …

Any ideas?

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I end this post by posting a sketch of the very talented Anna, whose sketch is based on Hanh’s dream shoe drawing that you could have seen here. I hope you like it, I really do! Thanks for sharing, Anna!