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29 May

After a long absence, Polydress/Polyshoes is back!

This time my point was to show special pairs for the summer:

Starting for the upper left corner, clockwise: Alexander Wang, Christian Louboutin, Charlotte Olympia, Balenciaga, Proenza Schouler, Givenchy, Versace, Miu Miu, Nicholas Kirkwood, Gianmarco Lorenzi, Stella McCartney and Georgina Goodman.

For more details, click here!

Hate it or love it

6 May

After a not really popular post, I’m posting what you might have been looking for: shoes, shoes and shoes.

Let’s start with Balenciaga! You might already know that I love their new collection – take a look at Hanh’s post what an experience she had when she wanted to buy a pair! Anyway, the sandals look just as good as those open toe boots.

Officially it’s called the “coffee leather ankle wrap platform sandal” and it costs $995. For those who care about comfort and stability: 5” heel with 1” front platform.

With SATC 2 already in the theatres, demand should shot through the roof for these pumps that SJP wore in the movie.

You can buy it for $830 now, but be aware of the 14,5 cm heel and the 3 cm hidden platform.

I haven’t posted shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood since a while, I post pictures of Ms Blair and SJP that are a few months old, and also new pictures of SJP and Kim, who bought the fiercest pair ever!

The heels by Kirkwood for Rodarte cost around $1750!

Okay, I admit, Kirkwood’s designs might be too crazy sometimes, so let’s slow down a bit and meet a more conservative pair:

14 cm heels, prices around $1415. I thought it would cost far less, but hey, that’s capitalism 🙂

After “slowing down”, I have the sickest design of this year so far for you.

I’ve seen different blogs where many readers expressed their disgust for Versace’s new collection, escpecially about the second pair. As you can see, she dons two different pairs. Well, the latter is definitely super sexy, über-feminine, extremely high (18 cm heel, 7,5 cm platform), way too expensive ($3075), BUT I like how shocking it is. Of course, one has to be able to wear it properly, I guess C is experienced enough.

Someone just please do the Glamour Stiletto Run in these! 😀

That’s all for now, I didn’t want to have too many pictures this time 🙂

Feel the vibe

28 Apr

– In heels I feel so much prettier!

– Me too, but I can’t walk in them!

– It’s not that hard, you just have to put your feet in front of the other!

Part of a discussion between two girls around the age of 16 on the bus

So you’re looking for the prettiest heels to have to most spectacular footwear this summer? This is your lucky day, I can help you out 🙂

Let’s start with the outcome of a brilliant collaboration between Ivegotthehottestshoulders Balmain and Giuseppe Zanotti:

The heels are 11 cm high and you’d have to pay $1395 for this beauty.


Up next is a pair from last summer, but I bet you’d still rock the place:

Looks like Ciara’s workout program for her calves is highly effective.


Wondermom Heidi presents a new pair by the beloved French designer:

These shoes have a 3,5 cm platforms and 14 cm heels, the price is around $780.


A new season of the Hills has just started. Laguna Beach and the Hills are my guilty pleasures – she looks damn good and her shoe wardrobe is growing without limits. Me likey.


To visit an extremer side of shoe design, take a look at this:

I like their whole new collection, and after having Freja presented some of it in an editorial a few weeks earlier, now it’s nice to see it in real life as well. A real looker, right?


Last but not least, my favorite brand had a cool party in London this month, they’ve opened a pop-up store as far as I know. The guests showed their love for the brand:

Okay, she’s a former top model, so what? 🙂 It might look good on normal human beings without 2m long legs too! (Note: it’s not her in the campaign but Natasha Poly, IINM.)

Prices from $1500…

After all that, what are looking for to buy for this Summer? 😀

Beauties and beasts

9 Sep

I mean, the shoes, of course 🙂

I’ve selected three CL pairs from a very recent event, and in my opinion, these pairs deserve to be called beauties. See them yourself:

(I’m not sure what happened to this picture, but it is okay in its original size; click to get it.)

I’ve also found three badass shoes (and outfits), and I guess you won’t be surprised if I’d call them beasts:

How crazy are these shoes? Do you like them? Would you wear them?

(Looks like I forgot to mention what Amber Rose is wearing (this isn’t my day, is it?). They are Balenciaga.)