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Shoes to show off this summer

1 Jun

As usual, I’ve prepared 10 pairs to present in this post. These shoes are made for the summer, so in case you can allow to treat yourself, here are a few ideas for you 🙂

The first one is by Walter Steiger (worn here by Adrienne Bailon), take a closer look at the trademark curved heel!

Colors, colors, colors – that’s what this season is about. Carmen Electra clearly loves awesome shoes, here are some new pairs she couldn’t resist buying:

1″ platform, 5,5″ heel, around $800.

New additions to her Louboutin collection:

The Meteorita: 1,5″ platform, 5,5″ heel, $1.800, and the No. 299 Trash has a 1″ platform, 6″ heels and costs at least $1.200.

She’s not that tall, no wonder she prefers to wear extremely high heels every now and then, like these bow sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti:

She also likes “mainstream” shoes, like YSL‘s classic platform pumps:

In case you’re looking for elegant evening shoes, here’s this very simple pair by Cesare Paciotti, worn here by the marvelous Irina Sheik:

Another fancy pair of shoes is the “Lance” by Jimmy Choo:

On nights that are somewhat chilly, light ankle boots like this one on Victoria Justice (made by Valentino) could be the solution.

The shoes you’ve seen in almost every editorial this spring are made by Prada. These shoes take you back in time and they are certainly very unique! Take a look at Kylie’s, it even has her monogram on the soles!

The last one for today also has summer written all over it. The cork wedges by Giuseppe Zanotti guarantee that you won’t go unnoticed if you hit the beach wearing them. Kendra Wilkinson‘s shoes have 1,75″ platforms, 6″ heels and she’s spent around $700 on them.

That’s it, have a nice weekend all!

Louboutins and Siren Shoes

20 Oct

In the first part of the post, here are a few Louboutins, just to make sure everybody knows who’s in charge in the world of heels 🙂

I like Gemma’s outfit and the fact that she’s at the opening of a new Selfridges store. I am also amazed by Ciara’s calves, she should share her workout secrets.

The “Lady Peep” pumps worn by JLo seem to be pretty high!

I also like the Louboutin vs. YSL faceoff: Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan.

Keep in mind that Demi’s “Ambertina” costs more than $2.000 – it is available in other striking colors and a glitzy-shiny edition too.

The hit of this summer is undoubtedly this pair, I really like it!

There is an interesting brand out there called Siren Shoes. I’ve visited their online home and I have to say there a lot of nice heels! Here are a few pictures of the store opening:

As the last part of this post, I share a video with you that’s been created by the fab team of Net-a-Porter.

For shoe lovers, it’s a must to watch this (if you haven’t already):

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Adorable? Cute? TDF?

4 Dec

In the first part of today’s post, I’m presenting four pairs of boots – I know, the pictures are from November.

These boots have 4″ heels, 0.5″ platforms and cost $89.

Next, it’s the fashion icon of 2009 (at least in my opinion):

These lovely booties have 11 cm high heels and cost now – reduced price! – $629! Do you like them? Let’s see what else Rihanna had on:

Half inch platforms, 4″ heels and these over-knee boots costs you only $1385. Do you want them?

Finally, another pair of ankle boots:

These babies cost only around $320!

After that, I would like to share a story with you.

Last week, on the 25th of November, my girlfriend and I went to see Calendar Girls at the Noel Coward Theatre in London. Ok, I admit, when I’ve chosen to see this play I was heavily influenced by the poster that can be seen all over in the city:

Kelly Brook? Yes sure, let’s go and see it 🙂 It was a very good play – great story and excellent performances – I loved the beautiful English accent as well! Anyone who hasn’t seen it so far but has the opportunity to do so, get the tickets!

After we’ve left the theatre, I remembered pictures where Kelly leaves the building – just at that moment, we saw the stage door and some photographers in front of it. We went there, hoping to see Kelly Brook in person. We had to stay there for about 40 minutes, it was f.cking cold out there – the paparazzi left, we were still there lol. Finally, she came out of the building and I had the opportunity to get a signature on the Calendar Girls poster. My girlfriend took a picture:

Yes, that’s me, dresses up very warm, but these English ppl never seem to be cold! How do they do that?

Of course, Kelly was wearing Christian Louboutin:

Like this, the night turned out to be even better than we expected.

Finally, I had some time to upload the pictures that I’ve taken at the fashion shows I’ve been at in September and October.

The first one was a charity fashion show (Azafady Fashion Show), but I’ve missed the first half of it because I couldn’t find the location. Both the show and the audience was spectacular, I really liked it.

The second show has been organized by a model agency at a very cool night club near Leicester Square. The catwalk was scheduled to be in the middle of the night – it’s a bit weird. The stage has been put in the middle of the dance floor, and though I expected good lighting, there was almost none. Unfortunately there was not enough space for photographers, my flash usually “died” in the arm of the guy taking pictures in front of me. I have to say, I was quite angry…I wished they had organized the event better. The show itself wasn’t as spectacular as I expected, though it wasn’t terrible – there was just no sign of something “futuristic”. After the show, the party continued…

Click here to get to the gallery.

MTV VMA 2009

14 Sep

Ooops, the Sunday post will be postponed till next Sunday, I had no time to do it.

However, there is still a lot to talk about! I want to post everything that’s going on out there right now, yet I know I shouldn’t 🙂

Let’s begin this week with some shoes of this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.

Though there was no “Help!” post yesterday, you can still help me. I couldn’t ID these shoes yet, I hope you can help me:

Any outfits, shoes you like/dislike?

Have a nice week! Next time (that will be Wednesday, I hope) I’ll be back with pictures from the Ney York Fashion Week!