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High heel-a-thon NYC and boots

26 Sep

Let me start with this: the high heel-a-thon is – as far as I know – a charity event and is basically all about having fun and breaking your ankle. Of course, the podium finishers get great prizes, like a new VW Jetta+$10.000 for the winner, $5000 for the runner-up and $2500 for the lady who finishes third.

This years event has been held on the 22nd September, hosted by Kelly Ripa, as usual. This time, also Kristin Chenoweth and AnnaLynne McCord were there, just like Johnny Weir, who participated in the men’s heat (!). 150 yards of fun 😀

Let’s say what some of the participants tweeted about this event:

  • Tomorrow I’m on regis/kelly. Then kelly and I and annalynne do a high heel race. I’m scared.
  • Did high heel (hell) run with Ripa. She is awesome. I came in 190th. Out 500 I think. CERAMI GIRLS saved me
  • Cerami Grils thank you! We were a great team and u held me UP in my Louboutins!
  • I came in last of the celebs! At least I won something! LAST! Hahahahha
  • all I saw was Kelly Ripa’s butt! She is FASt!
  • so glad I didn’t break my neck.
  • via @KChenoweth

Johnny Weir had the following to say about it:

  • I didn’t win the heel-a-thon but I tried my best! So proud that so many came out to run and support a great cause!
  • I looked pretty! I so can’t run in five inch Louboutins. But my calves looked stellar while trotting! Xoxo
  • via @JohnnyGWeir

About the host, Kelly Ripa:

“I’m going to treat this like any sale at Barneys,” Ripa, who wore 3-inch, T-strap LaDuca dance shoes, joked before the race. “I’ve never worn a heel less than 6 inches [high, so] essentially, I’m running in a sneaker.”

A video about the race:

A similar event has been held in Leeds, UK, today, but that was a 1.5 mile route! If you’re interested, you can read more about that here.

So much about this topic, now I have a few collages about boots for you. These kind of boots have been worn by celebrities in September so far – there are a few ugly ones but thanks Lord nobody wore the Yeti-boots by Chanel so far 😀

Meanwhile, in Germany at Fashion’s Night Out in Berlin (top row):

I hope you’ve had a nice weekend, see you tomorrow!

Bits of London

6 Aug

Okay so here I am again after my short holiday with my girlfriend in London. We had a fantastic time there (again), just like we expected. We tried to visit places that we missed during those three months we lived there – of course, there are still a number of places to visit! I can’t wait to finish university and go and look for a job in London.

And I don’t care about the weather.

Because it’s (supposed to be) a fashion blog, I won’t tell you that we acted like real tourists this time; took pictures of the Buckingham Palace, went to Greenwich and we even traveled to the sea as the weather happened to be beautiful.

But I tell you that we arrived with almost empty suitcases in order to fill them with clothes, books, magazines, beauty products that we can’t get (or only for a lot more money) in our country. We have been in every store at the outlet center (from Next to Burberry), we fought to stay alive in the region of Oxford, Regent and Bond street.

PretARever: 100%. Proud to say we have never ever stepped foot in that Oxford Street hell hole. RT @iliketweet: Primark makes me sad.

Oh yes, I admit, we have been in that hell hole. OMG that was unbelievable! There are no words to describe what’s going on in there!

As we flew back from London, the suitcases hit exactly the weight limit, boy, they were heavy! Our flight had a two hour delay, but at least we had a few magazines to read while we waited. I bought Vogue Paris (it was a must, excellent pictures as usual), Dazed and Confused mainly because of the editorial with Ana Beatriz Barros and Karolina Kurkova and a magazine called Oyster, which I haven’t heard about so far, but it seemed to be interesting enough for me to buy it 🙂

I also bought Facehunter by Ivan Rodic and a book about Alexander McQueen. I really love reading!

There was an exhibition which was mentioned by Dapper Kid already, so I went to visit it. Unfortunately, taking pictures inside wasn’t allowed but I can tell you it was more than exceptional.

This was the guide to the exhibition, and here are a few pictures of the entrance:

I wonder why I like this cover...hiii!

On Sunday the Best of June post is going to appear, and prepare for a visit on Monday as Gisele Bündchen is going to be featured in the next issue of Model Monday. On Wednesday I should be posting shoes again, as usual 🙂


24 Jan

As I’m drifting more and more towards the hc side of fashion, I simply can’t avoid all the influences – that’s why I have an inspiration-post today as a Sunday special.

I’m sooo looking forward to all the action this year!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Memories of London

3 Jan

Instead of posting the best pictures of December (I guess you’ve had enough of good pictures by now), I post a few snapshots of my time in London.

Let’s start with a extremely British picture:

Now the strictly fashion related pictures:

I don’t think any explanation is needed here…

Anyway, let’s forget about heartbreaking stories like this and travel to the land of glamour, to Wonderland aka Knightsbridge:

My fav pair of this winter. This picture hasn't been taken at Knightsbridge.

It has really been like a dream!

Okay, the last one isn’t really fashion related, but how cute is it??? I heart Green Park!