Fashion Bloggers – Interview

5 Feb

Back in 2009, I did an email interview with bloggers I really admired in those days. A few weeks ago, I thought it’s time again for an interview, so I contacted a few bloggers whose work is absolutely brilliant in my opinion. Some of them answered, some of them were too busy unfortunately.

Nevertheless, I have four bloggers here who are really into fashion, but not in the same way – they all look at the world of fashion from a different point of view. I think that’s makes reading fashion blogs so interesting: one doesn’t get the same stuff on every blog.

I’d like to say THANK YOU again to these bloggers for taking their time and doing this short interview. I hope to have similar interviews in the future again. There’s nothing left for me to say other than enjoy!

Sarah of Pandora’s Box, follow her on Twitter: @s_whitney

Lekan of Le Big T, follow him on Twitter: @lebigt

Julia of Modelizing, follow her on Twitter: @juliachesky

Kira of KIRAFASHION, follow her on Twitter: @KIRAFASHION

1. What was your absolute highlight of 2011?

Pandora’s Box: Having my photo displayed on Forever 21’s electronic billboard in Times Square, hands down. I was shocked, proud and thankful all at once.

Le Big T: This is a tough one, as 2011 has really been an amazing and unforgettable year – so much has happened. I wrote a brief post about it on my blog, but I’d have to go with Lady Gaga’s meteoric rise to SUPERstardom. No wonder the Associated Press named her Entertainer of the Year for 2011. It’s the combination of the impact/success of Born This Way, her fashion-forwardness and multi-magazine domination, legion of devout little monsters, and more that no single soul could escape throughout 2011, and continuing into the new year.

Modelizing: There were so many wonderful highlights for me in 2011, I think most importantly is finally being able to juggle my work life and my personal life. It’s nice being something beyond a text message to friends.

Kirafashion: Animal print, no question about it!

2. Which was the best fashion event you’ve attended in 2011?

Pandora’s Box: I really enjoyed the Two Point Oh LA Snowball, I met so many LA bloggers! Meeting fellow bloggers is one of my favorite things about attending events.

Le Big T: Local fashion show (I was calling the show), in which my workplace donated our services for the event, along with other creative professionals, and all proceeds went to a local organization that supports LGBT youth. Great cause, great clothes, great fun. I put together the show soundtrack which was beyond words (Think Alex Wang meets Betsy Johnson – the models loved it).

Modelizing: I honestly don’t know, I really rarely attend events outside of shooting Fashion Week.

Kirafashion: A breakfast which I had with some local fellow bloggers, adorable people!

3. This year, which of your own posts is your favorite?

Pandora’s Box: It was titled “California Yeti”. Ryan really took his photography skills to a whole new level on this post! Plus, the furry coat I’m wearing in it is the gift that keeps on giving.

Le Big T: My favourite was one in which you had a mouthful to say, Dexter 😉

Modelizing: There have been 3 posts that are really dear to me. I loved posting Louis Vuitton this past year, they’ve been so incredibly on point and well thought out. Truly above and beyond most stores, especially on a global level vs. a local major department store. The Ostrich remains a favorite, McQueen’s Savage Beauty exhibit in the Bergdorf Goodman windows was divine and really proved that you didn’t have to wait hours in line to see it [even though I saw it 5 times at the MET], and finally Tiffany and Co’s ice cream windows, fantastic!

Kirafashion: The one I produced wearing a fantastic satin kimono from Zara! It’s worth every penny.

4. Please name the shoe that is the “Shoe of the Year 2011” for you!

Pandora’s Box: I spent most of the year lusting over Rag & Bone’s Newbury Boot. I finally caved to its siren song and pre-ordered it for spring. I also got a lot of mileage out of Sam Edelman’s Louie Boot, it’s great combo of fashion meets comfort.

Le Big T: Prada SS11 Baroque Platform Wedges – Not only is it my absolute favourite shoe this year, but it really did embrace multiple themes/trends that were huge for 2011 (the platform, the brogue, the baroque, etc).

Modelizing: I love heels, I don’t own or wear any but I love shooting them. Realistically, the shoe of the year has to be the game changing Isabel Marant Willow sneaker. I’m so sad they’re overplayed now, but the fact that so many people in fashion ditched painful heels for a sick sneaker game is amazing. Their popularity has made me feel less out of place in Nike’s when I’m surrounded by heels.

Kirafashion: The one from a local designer called Gabi Fonseca. The shoe was inspired on the style of Anna Dello Russo, but for me it’s all about Star Wars and futurism. I’m crazy about it!

5. Which designer’s work are you looking forward to most in 2012?

Pandora’s Box: Rag & Bone and Isabel Marant are two current faves. Both lines have that “not trying too hard” vibe that I love.

Le Big T: I’d be a fool to not say Raf Simons, as he’s the current speculation to head Dior. I’ve always been a big fan of his work at Jil Sander and his eponymous line, as my style is inspired by his “minimalistic but with a twist” aesthetic.

Modelizing: Such a hard question! I try not to look forward to anything because I hate being disappointed. However, there are two houses that never disappoint me because they are so freakishly consistent. I’m dying to know what prints Akris will come up with next and where Ralph Lauren wants to explore.

Kirafashion: Stella McCartney and the style of the Yves Saint Laurent maison.

6. What are your goals, plans for 2012?

Pandora’s Box: I’d like to take my blog to the next level. What exactly that means, I’m not sure. But I’m excited to find out!

Le Big T: Ultimately, to continue blogging and writing posts that I think my readers will enjoy. Apart from blogging, I hope to solidify an internship opportunity in New York that was presented to me earlier this year, and continue to focus on building my career in fashion PR. Oh, and hopefully I’ll be able to attend NYFW or LFW in September 2012 – fingers crossed!

Modelizing: To maintain my new Yoga obsession and to keep shooting, building my skills and hopefully clients as well.

Kirafashion: Decorate my new apartment, keep dancing ballet and take my post-graduation course in fashion stylist!

7. What can readers expect from you in 2012?

Pandora’s Box: Great locations, rad clothes and if time allows it… more frequent posts!

Le Big T: There’s a few things I’m hoping to implement come the new year, including a weekly video – sort of an end of the week wrap up on what I saw/loved/hated; something along those lines. Also, I’m hoping to conduct some interviews with interesting industry insiders. Lastly, my readers can eventually expect a complete overhaul of my my blog, in terms of the layout/look, which I’m excited for. Stay tuned!

Modelizing: The same quality they’ve come to expect, a bit more than just windows, and the rest is up to where my life leads me!

Kirafashion: Sharp editorials about fashion emphasizing what’s going on here in Brazil, but connected with what’s going on at every corner of the world!

I hope you enjoyed it, see you next week!

2 Responses to “Fashion Bloggers – Interview”

  1. wildcrazybeautiful February 12, 2012 at 10:22 am #

    Not sure whether I can pull off those Isabel Marants .. hmm

  2. kirafashion February 13, 2012 at 3:37 pm #

    What a pleasure and honor to be here, thanks for your generosity and love…

    all my love for you,


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