Model Monday – Special guest post

25 Oct

Since it’s Anniversary Week, I wanted to do something special for this Model Monday. I’ve asked my favorite blogger in the topic of models/street style whether she’d like to contribute a guest post for my little blog. She’s none other than Berta of Berta blogol – I spend a lot of time on her blog. Luckily enough, she said yes, so please welcome her and enjoy her post about H&M’s designer collaborations!

It all started back in the Autumn of 2004. The Swedish high street brand H&M announced the first designer collaboration of its history. The first designer was none other than Karl Lagerfeld – he designed a collection of 30 items called “Karl Lagerfeld for H&M”. The sequined coat was gone from the shelves literally within minutes. After that, Lagerfeld told to Women’s Wear Daily: ‘This collection was supposed to last for two weeks. Instead, it disappeared from the shelves after 25 minutes. That’s too bad because the idea behind this was to give everyone a chance to buy and wear my clothes.’ This success is interesting because Lagerfeld alienated more than half of the potential costumers with his statement, in which he told that his clothes were made for skinny people and he didn’t want the collection to be produced in size 14 or larger. It needs to be told that because this was the first designer cooperation, the collection was produced in small numbers, which could be the reason for disappearing so soon. Anyway, Lagerfeld told reporters he never wanted to work with H&M ever again.

The result of the collaboration with Stella McCartney in the Winter of 2005 was a very trendy, “stellish” collection. Stella told the world she wanted to create a mini-wardrobe for H&M costumers which contains all the classic items, like the art silk dress, the slim fit trousers or the oversized V-neck pullover.

The collection of Victor&Rolf in 2006 included the most expensive item in the history of H&M’s designer collaborations: the silk and tulle wedding dress ($378). The main colors of their collection were the classic mix of black and white with a bit of purple, which gave a romantic impact for the blouses with bows.

Madonna’s “M by Madonna” included blazers and dresses like kimonos in the Spring of 2007 – the collection was dominated by the black color. Every lining, zipper, button had an “M” on it. According to some critics, the items were bought mainly by the members of the transvestite society of New York. On the promotional pictures, the collection was presented by Madonna of course.

Kylie Minogue designed a swimsuit collection in the Spring of 2007, using the style of the Sixties as principle. The face of the bohemic collection, which had 15 items, was the designer herself again – this time, Kylie.

H&M let Roberto Cavalli design their 2007 Autumn-Winter limited collection, and Cavalli had a very special idea. The motive of the ad campaign, which was shot on Cavalli’s property in Florence, was glitter, glamour, party.

In April 2008, a collection of 50 items was designed by the Finnish Marimekko company and its designer, Rei Kawakubo. It was supposed to spice up the Spring-Summer collection of the year. Marimekko’s speciality was the style of the ’50s, ’70s and for this reason, comfortable items were made with flower prints and bright colors.

Dots were in focus for Comme des Garcons in their Autumn 2008 collection for H&M. They had jumpers, oversized scarves – and of course black and white dots for both men and women.

Matthew Williamson is famous for using colors, his Spring 2009 for H&M collection reflected that. In the history of H&M, the biggest collection so far has been designed by him. The first part included 22 items and the second part had even more, 55 items.

In Autumn 2009, shoes by the world-famous Jimmy Choo hit the shelves of H&M.

In December 2009, Sonia Rykiel’s lingerie collection made its debut at H&M, closely followed by her knitwear collection in February 2010.

As you might already know, the next famous designer to design for H&M is Alber Elbaz of Lanvin. According to the designer, they intend to translate the fashion of Lanvin for a much wider circle of costumers, instead of reducing the prices of original Lanvin products.

Thanks Berta for writing this amazing post!

Don’t forget to take a look around at her place!


3 Responses to “Model Monday – Special guest post”

  1. janettaylor October 26, 2010 at 10:34 am #

    Jó kis összefoglaló. Kedvenceim (természetesen) Karl és a V&R kollekciók. Előbbiből sajnos csak egy fekete ingem van, mert akkor még nem volt itthon H&M. Lanvint nagy izgalommal várom, de azt kell, hogy mondjam megértem KL nyilatkozatát. Tudtommal azért is akadt ki, mert ugyanazok az emberek jutottak hozzá a termékeihez akik az eredeti KL vagy Chanel termékeit is megengedhetik maguknak és utána felpakolták az eBay-re jóval drágábban. Ő meg az “átlag” nőknek akart egy alap ruhatáras kollekciót nyújtani és elérhetővé tenni…

  2. Berta October 28, 2010 at 4:48 pm #

    Köszi a lehetőséget!
    És a fordítást is.

  3. Susan October 29, 2010 at 9:13 pm #

    wow, kiváló poszt! Janettel egyetértek, a Christopher Kane kollekcióból szerettem volna beszerezni néhány darabot az e-bay-en, de aranyárban mérik…

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