Please don’t…

22 Mar

Because this is the third Sunday of March, it’s time for the first ever “Please don’t” post, in which I show you some shoes and outfits that should be banned and if found, burned.

Today, I have three bad examples for you and I hope we can agree, that all the three were terrible choices.

In the first row, you find the British Queen of the Tits celebrity, Katie Price, also known as Jordan. As you can see, she’s taking her kid to kindergarten/school/whatever. (Note: that fat little human being is really her kid, and she has been partying all the time during her pregnancy…) Let’s look at the lady herself: I would be surprised if only even 1% of the British mothers would look like her:) She’s in a good shape, BUT…look at those boots! Without spending any more words, I suggest you don’t wear boots like this in public unless your job is dancing around a pole.

Next to Jordan, I’ve put a picture of one of my favourite girls, Emmy Rossum. This means, something is wrong. Yes, guess what, it’s her boots. As much as I like her, I cannot forgive her choosing these ugly boots. What is wrong with her? If you’re a farmer and you have to work on a rainy day, okay, go for it, but if you attend a film festival, wearing a dress, well, I’d suggest you think of something different. Please Emmy, don’t dress a like a monster ever again!

The second row is Shauna Sand‘s own row. I could have put there even more shocking pictures, but I suppose you see my point. She’s been in Playboy, she’s 37 (and had twice as many operations as you and me combined), but that’s not enough reason to dress like a total slut. The same goes for her as for Katie: forget about these platforms if you’re not a stripper.

I have got a lot of more shocking examples, but I thought it would not be fair if I would just smash all of them into your faces without any serious warnings. I am sorry for showing you these pictures, but I know I’ve done the right thing to protect our society:)

I hope you’ll still visit The High Heel Times again after you’ve calmed down.

One Response to “Please don’t…”

  1. janettaylor March 22, 2009 at 8:00 pm #


    Én azért jövök még természetesen, de az a fukszia (pink) csizma kiütötte nálam a biztosítékot! Hogy lehetett azt egyáltalán megalkotni, nah de felhúzni?!

    A platformnak van olyan változata ami nagyon tetszik, de nem az a felkötős borzadvány! :S

    A kedvelt hölgynek sincs szintén bocsánat. Ma Alcsútdoboz alborétumban voltam egy ilyesmi Lacoste lapos csizmában, de oda kell a kényelem, ugyebár! Hozzáteszem az enyém nem fest klasszikus gumicsizmaként 😀

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