Heaven on earth

24 Nov

I guess we all have seen pictures of Kim Kardashian already. I’d say she’s simply hot (I’m seroious: she was Nr. 1 on my Top100 list back in 2007), plus she has a great sense for shoes (maybe you remember the pictures that were taken while she’s been shopping at a Louboutin store). People who like to suffer watch her show on TV, people who want to destroy some of their braincells or commit suicide watch it without muting it. Anyway, as long as she is on a picture, I’d say it’s okay.

Having all that in mind, just take a look at the scenery (click):

Ain’t it amazing?


One Response to “Heaven on earth”

  1. Andy November 27, 2008 at 8:52 pm #

    Oh yeah this is amazing!
    These shoes look gorgeous.
    Thank for commenting my blog!
    see u soon 🙂


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